Tech Support

Bidding apps are now available for both Android users on Google Play and iPhone users at the Apple Store.

If you typically bid using a device such as a phone or tablet we highly recommend downloading the app for lightening fast access to bidding without all the extra steps previously required with using a browser.

Google Play/Android Users – Click Here for Download

Apple Store/Iphone Users – Click here for Download

If you typically bid using a PC/Desktop or laptop, simply continue using and click “Log in” from the menu to bid. (if you are a new bidder, you will be prompted to register)

Bidding tips:

To place a bid, click the red bid box with the next bid amount listed. If you would like to place a custom bid amount or a max bid, click the drop down arrow next to the red bid box. 

If you would like to “watch” an item, simply click the ⭐ “star” in the upper left corner of the items photo.

A search bar is located at the top of your screen. Use this feature to find specific items. You may also move through the auction faster by using the “slide” at the bottom of your screen. This is the red dot at the bottom of your page. Click and drag the button to move forward (right) or backward (left) with lighting speed.

If you are interested in viewing the bid history of an item, this can be found inside the item details. Simply click on the photo of the lot you wish to view and then click “bids” just below the item description.

To view your items, click “my items” in the top right corner of your screen at anytime. To navigate out of “my items” back into the full auction, click the “all”/”all active” button.

Message Center: Be sure to monitor your message center. Messages will appear under your name in the upper right hand corner once you are logged in. This is where you will find outbid notifications and messages from the office regarding auction details or reminders.

If at anytime, you have questions or need assistance please contact us via email or by phone 507-367-4500 during office hours or 507-250-1519 outside of business hours. 

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